23 Feb Ein Kommentar Melanie E. Melanie E., SKY

I would like to share a beautiful feedback a client just sent me after our SKYourself session 3 weeks ago in Panama:

I consider myself as a spiritual, but very grounded person. Logic. So when Melanie told me about healing through energy I got curious, but not quite convinced. I joked:  „what a pity, I don’t have any chronic pain“. She explained, that she is not only healing physical pain. She recommended doing a SKY SESSION or, as she prefers to call it, „emotional detox“. I recently broke up with my partner, 3 years of relationship, but even though, I felt emotionally stable. Relatively happy with everything that is going on with my life. No traumas. Big love for my job and life as en expat in Panama. But as Melanie said: „our emotions are like onions. You peel off layers and you never know what hides inside“. So we did it. 

Melanie sat me down on a sofa in front of her and we started to breath. We know each other for quite a long time, I have big trust for her. So maybe that’s why just after 10 minutes (!) she put me in trance, was asking questions, repeating it if necessary and making me analyze my thoughts. The whole session I can divide in 3 parts. First, where I found anger, than fear and last pain. The last one was the strongest. Melanie was trying to guide me before the session, how to find emotions I wanted to get rid of. Even though understanding the way how it works, it took me a while. I stopped on the question „Who am I“. I lost my sense of time, but I guess I was looking for the answer for another 10 minutes. I was jumping in my head through different nouns: a woman, an architect, sister, friend, love… nothing. Then it hit me – literally. A word“daughter“ created big pain in my chest. I felt extremely big love from my parents and the pain because I missed them. I moved far away from my home and I felt moral ache that I abandoned my family. Melanie was guiding me to go deeper. So I went deeper feeling all the love that they gave me through all my beautiful childhood. The tears were falling from my eyes. Felt a big cloud or a balloon accumulating in my body and then, when it was full I guess Melanie opened it and released all of it. I felt calmer. 

Few days later my father called me. He asked if I don’t feel like coming back home. It’s better to live close to people who love me. That was so unusual because he never asks me „emotional“ questions! I explained that Panama became my second home. I feel appreciated here, I have friends and other meaningful relationships. He said, that he understands 🙂

It’s funny how our minds are creating stories. Thank you for helping me with this one! What an experience!