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Wir sind ein Fluss – Ein Gedicht von Lao Tsu

Our life has not been an ascent up one side of a mountain and down the other.
We did not reach a peak, only to decline and die.
We have been as drops of water, born in the ocean and sprinkled on the earth in a gentle rain.
We became a spring, and then a stream, and finally a river flowing deeper and stronger,
nourishing all it touches as it nears its home once again.

Don’t accept the modern myths of aging. You are not declining.
You are not fading away into uselessness.
You are a sage, a river at its deepest and most nourishing.
Sit by a river bank some time and watch attentively as the river tells you of your life.   LAO TSU

Lao Tsu


Annette Mueller