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Seit vielen Jahren hatte Michele eine Behinderung….. amazinGRACE……? !

Michele litt seit vielen Jahren an einer Behinderung. Seht euch hier das Video von ihr an:


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Michele and Carl! So Michelle, you came today as a walk-in. So what was your condition? What kind of pains did you have?



I have multiple pains. I have plantar fasciitis in both of my feet, lower back pain, neck pain, I have a thyroid autoimmune condition, digestive problems, extreme fatigue. I felt horrible today when I woke up. I was actually just in the hospital yesterday, because I thought I was having a heart attack, so I have lots of circulation problems as well.

During the session I felt like there was a rainbow light going through me, starting from the top to the bottom. Before he told me that that’s what he was doing, was sending that through me and I didn’t know that and he said it and I was like oh yeah I feel that. And then my body felt like it was radiating warmth and like it was melting into the bed or the mat. And then afterward I just felt like I was high and tingly and loose. And the fact that I even just walked out of here without my slippers on, because I have to wear orthopedic slippers because my feet hurt so bad and I’m not even wearing them now, is right there kind of a big deal because I don’t walk around on hard floors without my slippers. I wear them all the time in the house and I love being barefoot so…. And I just went to the bathroom, barefoot!



That’s so cool! So I already asked about various kinds of pains that you had and you said that it had left you. Could you please tell us?



Yeah, so the pain in my feet I don’t feel at all right now and even just doing the measuring I couldn’t feel it. When he was measuring me earlier it felt so painful to stand there for that long to just get my measurements done – I don’t say anything but it does hurt – and so I didn’t feel anything after and I just feel looser and much better. Normally I sit like this, because I’m in pain and I am trying to avoid it because of my lower back but I am able to sit like this right now and it doesn’t hurt.



So what do you think of that?



It’s awesome! I love it!



So Carl what do you think of this?



I think it’s amazing. As I was working on her I was feeling the energy roll like waves roll: Going down and then coming back and in a cycle all the way through. And I could feel it running down her arms and running down her legs and that was from working right here. Not right here, right here.



Beautiful! Yes. Well thank you very much, both of you and congratulations.





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