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Wer es noch nicht weiß: völlig überraschend macht Anya auf Kauai Heilarbeit, und die Erfolge von amazinGRACE ragen selbst dort heraus. Und das auf einer Insel, auf der „auf 100 Einwohner mindestens 150 Heiler kommen!“

Before After One Treatment
Two Treatments
Ganz wunderbar war die Heilung eines auf Kauai sehr berühmten Mannes, Richard Diamond, der seit einem schlimmen Autounfall, nichts mehr so richtig konnte und ununterbrochen Schmerzen hatte. Mr. Diamond ist seit der 3. Sitzung komplett schmerzfrei und ist mehr als begeistert.
Hier ein paar Berichte auf englisch:

Hello Neti & Anya,
t the wellness expo in Kapaa you and your daughter treated several conditions for me.

I had mild scoliosis, my hip was rotated forward and aching, my left armpit and left breast tissue was painful and recovering from a severe strain – difficulty breathing and coughing due to the accident falling down a flight of concrete stairs a few weeks prior. My right forearm bone was so sore that it was hard to touch it without cringing. Since then, I have had no more pain or aching in my left armpit or breast area and it seems that if it was a cracked rib problem, that has improved dramatically.

Coughing is not a problem and neither is breathing. I can touch my right forearm without cringing although I can tell that it took quite a blow. My hips have been fine. And my back underwent the most strenuous test the other day. This was a true test for the scoliosis. I went out whale watching on a zodiak boat for the entire day and the 15′ swells made the ride similar to riding a bucking bronco. At the end of the day I put some arnica on my back and have had no difficulty with my spine from all the pounding and wrenching.
Thank-you again.

But the most astounding difference is in my hernia. The week before my treatment I had been researching the Shouldice Clinic in Toronto Ontario Canada to make an appointment to have my hernia repaired. Every time I would bend over to put on my fins for snorkelling or my running shoes to go work out or bend over to pick something up, my hernia just beneath my ribs would pop out very uncomfortably and paralyze me for a few minutes until I could ease it back in.

Yesterday, much to my amazement, I was able to go scuba diving for the first time in my life and had no difficulty with my hernia and no sign of it. I am very grateful for your work. At 55 years old I am acutely aware of protecting my body so that I can continue to live life to the fullest and participate in the activities that bring me great joy and happiness. Your gifts have certainly enhanced my life.

You are blessed. Thank-you for sharing your gifts with the world.“
Louise Constantin Clauesson CLA, BGS, MEd
Grace  of  GOD Productions
Peak Life Experiences Travel
Member: Hawaii Agritourism Association

„I recently received amazinGrace treatments and was very impressed with the results. The pain that I had been carrying in my neck for the past year was reduced to practically nothing. My range of neck movement increased dramatically and my posture underwent a dramatic improvement in just one session! I truly have experienced „amazinGrace“ with my body and am very grateful!“
Richard Diamond, Kaua’i „muse“

Hello Neti,
Dan and I both received work by you and your daughter, Anya a few weeks ago and I wanted to thank you for the literal „miracles“ we have both experienced. Dan is breathing better than he has in 10 years and was diagnosed with a „genetic“ abscence of antitrypsin of the worst form in 2007. He noticed immediate ability to both inhale/exhale in a much greater capacity after one session. He is still improving. I had considerable discomfort for approximately one week, but then noticed (even during the discomfort) that I felt like I was in a totally „new“ body. The way I walk has changed and the movement of my pelvis (fractured in 3 places at age 14 in a MVA) became much more flexible. I wanted to to thank you and Anya for the „Amazing Grace“ that we both got to experience. We are still noticeing subtle changes. It truly is a Miracle. You are Blessed and so are we.
Kimberly and Daniel Taylor, Kauai, Jan. 2011

Annette Mueller