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Annette Bokpe & Annette Müller freuen sich über die englische Übersetzung des amazinGRACE Buches 


Lesen Sie hier das erste Kapitel des amazinGRACE Buches auf English


amazinGRACE Buches

Chapter One – A phone call with consequences


One day, in search of an address, I stumbled upon the telephone number of an old acquaintance. Annette Müller was a successful management assistant for publishing who also ran a mail-order business for select gift items. Spontaneously I decided to give her a call.


I was eager to know if this was still the right number as I dialed.” Hello SAN ESPRIT!” I heard a familiar voice say on the other end of the line. Luckily, the number still worked! It was definitely Annette who answered the phone. After some small talk, I asked her

about her business life and what other activities she had going on. “I have become a healer and I run a clinic for spiritual healing in the Chiemgau. It’s called SAN ESPRIT”, she answered. What was that? Obviously she had lost her mind. A spiritual healer? I couldn’t believe it. What in the world had happened to her in the last few years? “You didn’t expect that, did you?” Annette said, interrupting my silence. Without giving me a chance to respond, she told me how she has been able to achieve great healing results and that she now ran a school for spiritual healing.


At that point I was pretty much ready to hang up and put an end to this ridiculous conversation. Polite as I am I said, “That’s very interesting! What made you get involved with that?” She replied, “Oh that’s a long story. I’ll have to tell you about it when we have a little more time. You can’t even imagine how great it is to have the ability to free people from illness.”


I could not imagine that and the fact that Annette might have the ability to do so surpassed the limits of my imagination. How was it possible that an average woman with no medical education could heal the sick? What does spiritual healing actually mean anyway? When I heard that phrase, I thought of manipulation and deception. At the most, some people might be experiencing a placebo effect, but actual healing? No. That is impossible.


When Annette asked me if I would like to train at her school to become a spiritual healer, I had a hard time not laughing out loud. Me, a healer? To me that was very amusing and no, I would definitely not do any such a thing. I wanted to avoid a longer discussion about this, so I simply said, “You know, this is all a little much for me right now. I’ll need some time to think about that“.


“Ok. Meanwhile you can take a look at my website, www.san-esprit.com”, Annette suggested. “Yes I’ll do that”, I told her and found an excuse to end the conversation. I wished her well, much success, and promised to be in touch with her again soon, although the latter was a promise I had no intention to keep.


A few minutes later I was sitting at my desk lost in thought. Somehow I couldn’t stop thinking about that phone call. I decided to tell my kids about it. I was sure they’d have a great laugh about it, especially Ina, who was aspiring to begin medical training, but when I entered her room saying “You’re not going to believe this!” I immediately got warded off with the words, “No time mom, I’m studying for a math test tomorrow.” My other daughter Anna, whose finals were coming up, was also too busy to talk to me.


I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea. I looked at the illuminated windows across the road. I just couldn’t understand how Annette could have changed so much. What had happened to her that led her to consider getting into spiritual healing of all things? To be honest, I didn’t really know what spiritual healing was. What to do? I got out my laptop, walked into the living room and snuggled up on the couch. First I took a look at the SAN ESPRIT website. Then I googled spiritual healing, energy healing and anything else I could think of that might be related to this topic. Without noticing the time, I spent hours doing this and came to realize that the esoteric scene was widely represented on the Internet. I was surprised to see that occasionally there were even scientific statements relating to this topic. Most of what I read I felt like “bullshit“. None of this fitted my worldview. I was dealing with the realities of big business transactions every day, advising people who had fallen through the cracks during corporate reorganizations. In other words: I took care of real problems in the real world.


Eventually I stumbled upon a report of a woman whose shingles had quickly disappeared after receiving treatment from a spiritual healer. This article triggered something in me. I remembered that I had experienced the pain of shingles in the past. This made me think was all of the stuff I had read online about auras, vibrations, spiritual healing and chakras really just nonsense? I gazed at a photo that stood among others on a little cupboard across the room. It was me at twenty-five, playing the character Sophie in “Intrigue and Love“. Images from days long gone passed through my mind. I remembered the day I was suddenly struck by shingles in the midst of rehearsals. The doctor I gave me a sick note and recommended I take a long break and to be patient. Naturally that was the last thing I wanted to hear. I couldn’t take a break so close to our first performance! While looking for a different, faster solution a colleague suggested that I go to an old lady to have her “blow away” my shingles. That sounded crazy to me, but in my pain and need for immediate relief I was willing to try anything.


To put it mildly, the old lady’s treatment turned out to be quite peculiar. She made the sign of the cross above the painful areas; mumbled words I could not understand and every now and then she blew onto my skin. At the end of the session she handed me potato flour, which I was supposed to spread over the spots. Just before I left, she instructed me to place a donation on her counter but I should not bid her good bye or glance back when I went home. This all seemed absurd to me and I thought it was all just foolishness but after three of these treatments I was healed.


When I told my parents about this experience neither of them were in the least surprised. They knew of these kinds of phenomenon from their own childhood. In both my parents’ villages there was somebody you could call when confronted with an issue that modern medicine was unable to heal. Besides local healing herbs they used rituals, prayers and magic. Deep in thought I sipped my tea, remembering the tough times in West Berlin where my African husband and I started a tourist company specializing in West Africa. During our many travels I recalled how the injured were put in a trance. They suddenly stopped speaking and their wounds would heal as if by magic. Even back then, it was hard for me to believe this was related to healing powers or magic. I preferred to believe that there was a logical explanation for the crazy things I was witnessing. On the other hand, in Benin, my husband’s homeland, nobody doubted that supernatural powers and miracle healing existed. Well all right, I thought, even if such phenomenal healings could really exist, then only a few people were able to perform them. In Africa those people were old and wise and could achieve unexplainable things through skillful manipulation, profound insight into human nature and the help of plants whose healing properties were unknown to others. Even if one assumed that there was a higher power in play, that power would not be accessible to just anyone.


Now I had a pretty average German woman telling me that she was a spiritual healer and that anyone could learn this from her. I shook my head.


I visited the website of SAN ESPRIT again. In the online journal I read some of the reports from people who had been treated by Annette Müller and her trained healers: scoliosis was gone in a minimal amount of time, legs of different lengths were evened out and even people who had cancer were being helped. From a scientific point of view this was all impossible. Could there really be some truth to any of these stories or do people just believe in the ability to heal so much that they indeed experience healing? On the other hand, might there be something that exists between Heaven and Earth, which can’t be proven with methods currently accessible to us? After all, at one time it was believed that the earth was flat. Yet the man who demonstrated that this was not so was laughed at, doubted and believed to be crazy for decades. Today? Well today everybody knows the earth is round.


I glanced at my watch. It was already half past three in the morning. I was dead tired and shut my laptop. Lying in bed, my thoughts were going in circles. How much longer was I supposed to wonder about these things I asked myself? I decided to forget the whole thing for now and engage with what was really important. While I was thinking about all the things that I had to do the next day, I fell deeply asleep.




Annette Müller:


People have no idea how great they are. They do not know the powers that rest within them. There are many books and teachings that tell us this. I meet a lot of people who believe this is true and try to live that way, but only a very few seem able to implement them. It would seem this general conviction exists as some kind of common knowledge but nevertheless it is not being lived or experienced. I only know a handful people who are an example to others, an example of the great, the true personhood.


The astonishment in the room is almost palpable when we lay our hands on in our healing centers and healing happens after just a few sessions, sometimes after the first. You can literally touch it. We healers prove and live what others only deliver theoretically. Those people have decided to take this all-changing step, as Annette describes in this book her path of incredulous amazement and experiences. They will rarely be bothered by self-doubt or uncertainty about the meaning of life.


Sometimes people experience miracles that shake them and make them question their view of life. They start to see that there is much more between Heaven and Earth than they are able to see or grasp with their mind. Yet still such experiences are quickly forgotten. They just don’t fit in our learned pattern of perception.


Creating miracles is a gift. To me this ability is a huge blessing and a privilege. More than that, it is an opportunity to turn our view of humankind completely upside down and redefine it. People generally think that we, as a collective, are bad. It is easy for us to say things like “we kill each other”, “we destroy nature”, “we exterminate animals”, “we are endangering our planet” and much more. To say that we human beings are glorious, that we built bridges, produce energy, make airplanes fly through the air and make metal swim on our oceans is a way no one dares to think and definitely doesn’t dare to feel. Only something that is being felt is reality. Theory doesn’t get us anywhere! We are God’s children. We are God’s equals. And we are all able to create in miniature what God has created en masse.




Annette Mueller