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An experienced professional coach in psychotherapy and spiritual Healing, Jean-Marie has the ability to identify the pool of your potentials. Meticulous and sensitive, tactful and skilled, he works like a detective to assist in potential awareness. 

Gently and methodically, Jean-Marie puts you on the path of a fascinating awareness journey by carefully unveiling layer upon layer that separate a person’s perception of themselves and their potential realities, their reality potentials. Like a spiritual locksmith, he opens minds, eyes and inner doors. Like a spiritual miner, he presents new perspectives that have laid dormant, and unbeknownst to you.

Like a map-reader, he traces traits and creates links among the various aspects of your personality, your behaviors and interactions. 

Every meeting with Jean-Marie left me feeling energized and brimming over with new ideas. Being the polyglot that he is, a conversation with him may start in one language and end in another, without the slightest effort. Jean-Marie makes soul searching fun.

Personally speaking, Jean-Marie increased my self-awareness, both as a woman and as a professional. His approach gave me the strength to go a step further in my life.

Thank you, Jean-Marie!(Federica Ferracini., Italy)

Jean-Marie Bottequin
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